DZ Homepage

( From Left to Right:  Brett Clark, Randle Boyd, Justin George, Gary Kruse )

We are a group of musicians who, through no fault of our own, ended up in a basement in Johnston Iowa making music.  As it turns out, we are all friends and it shows in the music that we are producing.  Everyone of us has dabbled in music composition so we each have some unique perspectives to bring to the table.  If you choose to listen to our music (which we hope you will do), you will find that we have an eclectic style.  We hope that listening to this music will be as entertaining as making it.
PS: We now have outtakes on our 'Extras' page.  You will also find some open air 'room mic' recordings we made as well.  These are really rough jams that happen.  We dont spend much time polishing them, but they have a lot of musical ideas and I'd sure hate to avoid sharing.  

In the rhythm of music a secret is hidden; If I were to divulge it, it would overturn the world.
... -- Jelaleddin Rumi