Meet The Band

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General Overview:  We are all family oriented guys who have a passion for music.  Our main goals are as follows:
1) have fun
2) make original music
3) have more fun
4) maybe play a live gig or two, who knows

Listed below is our roster of musicians:

Lead Vocalist / rhythm guitar / keyboards / break dancer / Tuvan throat singer / Kung Fu Kickboxer / Foot model

  Justin (golden pipes) George


Since Justin still hasnt given us a bio, we're going to make one up....

Former secret military operative who performed many covert operations in strange foreign lands (mostly California).  He is responsible for spreading hiphop culture to Kazakastan (all 12 people) and many other 3rd world countries that nobody heard of.  As part of his military training he was required to learn guitar to throw off the enemies.  Some say that he knows a secret chord that can kill a 300 pound man with a single strum.  We all hope that he doesn't accidentally hit that chord while we're recording.
Lead guitar / Sound Engineer / Producer / Mutant Ninja Crime Fighter
 Brett (BC) Clark

Just a guy with a passion for music and the technical nerdiness to setup a recording studio in his basement.  Former guitarist for Abysis, he decided to pull together this band with the help of Justin and Randle to have fun and make some original music.  After a short sentence in a Mexican prison where he met Eric Estrada, he was back to recording with the guys.

Lead Bassist / Riverdancer / Ayatollah of Rockin Rolla



Bio Coming soon
Lead Keys 
  (picture coming soon)
 Bio coming soon
Lead Drummer

Curt Moxley

Bio coming soon

Previous members:
Randle Boyd ( Bass - 2010 - 2018 )
Gary Kruze ( Drums )
Bradley Richman ( Drums )
Dave Burke ( Drums )
Tom Wegner ( Drums )