Meet The Technology

What technologies did we use to create the music?
Well, let me tell ya....

We are advocates of the open-source movement that's been taking the technology industries by storm.  This movement gives us freedom in several areas, all of which we really appreciate.  Part of that freedom is the free (as in beer) so we can spend our money on hardware (microphones, preamps, etc).  Here is the software that was used on the productions of our current music.

  • Linux ( ) - This is our OS (Operating System) that we use to boot up the computer and work.   We aren't using Windows (sorry Bill Gates).
  • Ardour ( ) - This is our DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and is the main powerhouse behind our recordings.  This is an excellent DAW with great flexibility.  Thanks Paul Davis for writing a workstation that compares with commercial products and runs on Linux.
  • LinuxDSP ( ) - Okay, this isnt open-source, but they have really good plugins at a good price.  We used the LV2 plugins for the VC2 (Vintage Bus Compressor), Pro-EQ (Equalizing), Pro-Gate (Noise Gate and high pass filtering), and the MBC2 (Multi Band Compressor) to assist in mastering.
  • JAMin ( ) - This was used for the mastering process, but only slightly.  Most of the mastering was done with the LinuxDSP MBC2 and Pro-EQ plugins.
  • Various free Linux plugins - There are a handful of free plugins that we used for effects.  Ill have to try and compile a list of them to put up here. 
  1. Barrys Satan Maximizer - sounds evil doesnt it?  This is an expander/compressor that we use to really stress the drums and bass lines.  It makes them more thumpier.
  2. 4-band parametric equalizer - We used this before we bought the Pro-EQ
  3. Some weird plate relay plugin - I dont remember its name, but i used it for the guitar solo in Krazy 4U.


  Hardware can be broken into 2 groups:  The instruments (guitars, amps, effects, etc) and the signal chain (microphones, preamps, compressors, noise gates, etc).