Music License Faq

All DZ songs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

What does the license mean?

You can listen, duplicate, and share the music in its original form with anyone you wish. You cannot, however, use it in any commercial projects without our expressed consent or change its form (eg. remix, cut/paste, etc).

Here are some questions and answers:

1) Can i download the music?

Absolutely!!! Or you can stream it from our website. Either way is fine with us.

2) Can i copy the music to my other computers?

Yes!!! You can copy the music to any Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other machine that will play it including devices like iPods, etc.

3) Can i give my friends copies of the music?

We would love it if you did. Please share our music with everyone you can think of. It was created to be enjoyed.

4) Im a DJ, can i play your music at a gig?

Oh, this is trickier. If you are playing for free then you are free to play it. If you are making money then it may depend on several factors like: a) is your DJ'ing a hobby or career? b) how much are you being paid for the gig?

Feel free to contact us to make sure we're okay with it. A simple email can go a long way.

5) I want to make a dance remix of your song, is that okay?

Probably, but only if you contact us first. It could be fun, but we will need to review it before you start distributing it.

6) I want to chop out a section of the song to shorten it up, or copy/paste a section to make it longer. Is that okay?

See answer for question #5

7) Can I use your song in my TV commercial?

You will need to contact us for permission and to work out details on this. It depends on too many factors to list here.

8) Can I use your song during a promotion of my favorite politician or political agenda?

We're not a political band and would prefer not to be used to push political or personal agenda's. We feel that our listeners are smart enough to determine their own opinions and dont want to be used to sway them. Legally you may be able to do this, but ethically you will be exploiting our generosity beyond our wishes. If you believe that your agenda is a special case and needs an exception, then feel free to contact us for our "blessing".